Dreams FulFillment Foundation, Inc.


"Every child deserves to be educated; I believe that education can significantly reduce some of the inequalities and crimes our society is faced with."

~ G. Lloyd Duncan


Our Projects

The urgent need to address the educational issues of children in Africa has now emerged as a top priority on the continent's agenda. Very few nations and organizations have tackled the core issues, prohibiting full access of African children to quality education.

Currently, the illiteracy and unemployment rates on the continent are very high and that is why the Dreams Fulfillment Foundation, Inc. was founded, to help address some of the issues blocking childrens' access to education with a goal of improving the literacy rate one country at a time. We are convinced that focusing on one country at a time and empowering disenfranchised children with educational opportunities in Africa, we can accomplish this goal.

Dreams Fulfillment Foundation's ultimate goal is to help African children more broadly by building schools and giving out scholarships, which will have a greater impact. However, to start out, Dreams Fulfillment Foundation is in partnership with the Jimmy Jolocon School in Gardnersville, Liberia and Palm Grove Assembly of God School in Careysburg, Liberia.

Over the years, Dreams Fulfillment Foundation has donated relief items to the Children Rescue Center in Mount Barclay, Liberia, ELWA Hospital Maternity Ward, and Mother Dorothy Wleh Orphanage Home in Barnesville, Liberia.

Compared to American standards, school is relatively cheap in Africa. However, for most unemployed African parents, tuition is very expensive and their biggest hurdle is to see their children successfully accomplishing primary education.

For example, elementary to high school tuition in Liberia starts at $300 USD per academic year. This might sound small to most of us in Western societies, however, it is great for someone living on a dollar or less a day.

School Project

  • Proposed Elementary School Project in Liberia, West Africa

    Proposed elementary school project construction (Dreams Fulfillment Academy), Marshall, Liberia. > DETAILS Read more
  • Jimmy Jolocon School in Gardnersville, Liberia

    Dreams Fulfillment Foundation has been in partnership with Jimmy Jolocon since July 2009.

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  • Palm Grove AGM School in Careysburg, Liberia

    Looking at the need for intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of the children after the Liberian civil war, especially since the end of 2003?

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