Dreams FulFillment Foundation, Inc.


"Every child deserves to be educated; I believe that education can significantly reduce some of the inequalities and crimes our society is faced with."

~ G. Lloyd Duncan


August/September 2016

Preparations are in works for our missions trip to Liberia in August/September 2016. If you are interested in experiencing the Liberia culture and at the same time volunteering your skills and knowledge in improving the educational environment for students, conducting workshop for teachers or volunteering in other capacities, please feel free to email us for more information at info@dreamsfulfillment.org

Dreams Do Come True

  • Proposed Elementary School Project in Liberia, West Africa

    Proposed elementary school project construction (Dreams Fulfillment Academy), Marshall, Liberia. > DETAILS Read more
  • Jimmy Jolocon School in Gardnersville, Liberia

    Dreams Fulfillment Foundation has been in partnership with Jimmy Jolocon since July 2009.

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  • Palm Grove AGM School in Careysburg, Liberia

    Looking at the need for intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of the children after the Liberian civil war, especially since the end of 2003?

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