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Dreams Fulfillment Foundation is a non profit, tax exempt (5o1C3)organization that assist destitute children and orphans obtain an education in Africa. To this end, we provide free scholarships, tuition assistance programs, educational materials and school supplies to orphans and desitute children desirous of obtaining an education but can not afford the cost.


Our vision is to reduce the illiteracy rate on the continent of Africa to the utmost minimmum and at the same time develop citizens with great potentials to lead and serve.


    • Summer 2014: Educational assistance in the forms of scholarships and school supplies to destitute children in the African nation of Sierra Leone.
    • Fall 2016: Build a public library in Liberia for students and youths to have access to information (books), computers and the internet for research and educational purposes.
    • Fall 2014: Broaden our scholarship program by providing college students in Liberia scholarships to study certain majors/careers in demand.


Our Projects

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